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Most Unusual Ice Creams In The World

Ice cream is a favorite dessert all over the world. Nowadays we have a vast variety of flavors to enjoy. However, some flavors are maybe a bit unusual. Here are some of the craziest.

There is certainly something for everybody at Humphry Slocombe. The modern shop offers 62 flavors of ice cream. Secret Breakfast is the most popular. It consists of bourbon and cornflakes. Boccalone Prosciutto is another variant they provide. It actually includes prosciutto, as well as salt and pepper.

Pear with blue cheese ice cream is offered in Salt & Straw ice cream shop in Portland. The taste of blue cheese is mixed with sweet pears in this unique dessert.

Wasabi sauce has become very popular thanks to the Asian cuisine and all their wonderful dishes. But, would you ever consider having a wasabi flavored ice cream? If you like to experiment, then you should definitely try this one. Who knows, you might like it since the wasabi flavor is not to strong in this ice cream. You will find it East Village, NY.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York is the place to go and try their specialty – avocado flavored ice cream. It is creamy and rich in avocado flavor and offers great indulgence for those who enjoy different things.

Fosselman’s in LA serves many kinds of ice creams but the most unusual one is definitely black colored licorice ice cream. It looks very strange and the taste is one of a kind.

Lots of people simply adore bacon. But have you ever tried it mixed with ice cream? Well, thanks to the Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, DE you can have a vanilla ice cream with bits of bacon in it.

French cuisine is quite extravagant for many people. It is definitely different from any other and it goes for ice cream as well. Ice cream shop in Paris, called Phillipe Faur offers a unique ice cream flavor which is a mixture of ice cream and foie gras along with caviar. Everybody who is brave enough should try it.

If you think that the previously mentioned flavor was too weird, you will be shocked by this one – sheep intestines flavored ice cream. How about that? London joint Morelli’s actually has it on the menu. It is a combination of sweet cream and haggis spiced up with sausage and vanilla. If the sound of it doesn’t make you sick, then you should try it.

Garlic is definitely an invaluable ingredient of many delicious meals. Think about all those wonderful pastas. Now think about ice cream. Would you ever mix these two? If you wish to try the garlic flavored ice cream, go to Vancouver and find La Casa Gelato. They offer this unusual ice cream.

Heladeria Coromoto in Merida, Venezuela is a place where you can find more than 860 flavors of ice cream, believe it or not! Their craziest taste is probably the sardines and brandy flavored ice cream. The brave people who actually tried it say it’s very unique.

History Of Ice Cream – Everyone’s Favorite Dessert

Ice cream isn’t only a treat. It is a beloved memory of the child years and a comfort on bad days. Ice cream is inevitable dessert at many occasions such as birthdays, get-togethers and picnics. People have enjoyed it for 100s of years and it has grown to be [...] Continue Reading…